Online Sports Betting Bonuses – Everything You Need to Know

Online sports betting sites sometimes contain fewer bonuses and promotions compared to online casinos. Well, you can’t do something with it, this is how the online sports betting works. But sports betting bonuses like in 138bet are much worth claiming for, especially if you’re placing bets on your favorite sports. An average online sports betting site will offer few deals for you when you create an account for them; it includes welcome bonuses, free bets, and one-off deals in any sporting events.

If you’re new a bettor in the world of sports betting, then this article suits you. This will serve as your guide to understand the different kinds of online sports betting bonuses.


Welcome Bonuses

 Online sports betting welcome bonuses are the most prosperous of all sports betting deals. Having a good welcome bonus can boost the amount of starting money, by giving you enormous funds to place your wager in a variety of bets and with all kind of stakes.

Most standard online sports betting, their welcome bonus includes your match deposit bonus. For example, you deposit at least 100 baht, then your matching bonus would be an additional 100 baht, so this gives you a total of 200 baht. You may use this cash to place your wager in any sports event you want.

Aside from an additional 100 baht coming from the matching bonus, you’ll have another 100 baht on the top of your deposit amount into your bankroll. So, if there’s a 200% match deposit, you’ll get an additional 200 baht on top of it, and so and so forth. The main reason for these bonuses is to give you an ample amount of starting balance for you to enjoy the game.

Free Bets

Some online sports betting also offer free bets for new bettors. Don’t be shocked if you see free bets as a welcome bonus. Several betting sites will happily welcome you with a free bet when you sign up with them. In some cases, there’s a deal wherein if you deposit a tenner; you’ll get an additional 10 baht free bet.

Also, other sports betting site give new bettors free bets in specific sporting events only. So when you place a wager on the Grand National, they’ll give you another bet for free. As you may know, these types of bonuses are common in the world of sports betting.

Accumulator Bets

If you like to place wagers on multiple bets at once, then this bet is perfect for you. These types of bets allow you to wager in various bets by using an all on one betting slip. Generally, you’ll need to win all your bets also to win multiplied winnings on your bet accumulator. But some betting sites will offer you an exclusive deal where you’re allowed to miss one of your accumulated bets and still win multiplied winnings.