Slot Online: The Pseudo Legal Bastard

“Kabir just won Rs 20 Lakh; try it for free”. Most of the ads on online gaming sites pop up to reveal this exuberating sentence. This prompts us to look atthe “Giving Away riches” game, which reveals Slot Online.

The title of this article, “Pseudo Legal Bastard”,comes from the controversial nature of its legality in major countries like the USA, Australia and many others around the globe. To take context legal situation of slot online in the following situation:-

  1. Legality in the USA

A Bill was passed to legalize online poker was passed on February 2005. But next month, it was taken down by the state of the senate. As a result, many online poker platforms adopted the “dot net” domain and giving up the “dot com” domain to escape from this.

In 2006 President Bush signed officially the Safe Port Act, which involved a provision known as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA). But somehow, some poker sites continued to operate and remained open to US players.

  1. Legality in Australia

In 2001, Australian legislatures tried to make online poker games illegal, bypassing the Interactive Gaming Act 2001. But the act had a lot of loopholes that were exploited by online poker platforms. Seeing the loopholes being exploited, the legislatures came up with an Amendment tothe Interactive Gaming Act 2017.

All this shows that many prominent countries do not consider it legal, but some states in those countries may.

The risks and rewards are involved.

In today’s world, betting in games is widely understood as the bettor’s staking money in speculating the outcome of a game. It has gained its fair share of the limelight and is considered a favoured past-time around various parts of the world. Where there is money, there is a mind running towards it. A class of people bet purely for fun. For them, it is exciting and refreshing. At the same time, others in huge numbers find it a challenge and focus on the prize.

We don’t know about the world, but Indian culture certainly considers it a bad virtue that our society looks down on. But rather than influencing anyone on anything, we should let our virtues govern in life. So it should be the people who should decide what to play or what not to rather than some “White Beards” or some “Black Coats of Justice”.